Let us help you make an impression this year with a beautiful Koi pond or water garden. Image Aquatics Inc. is your source for all of your water garden or outdoor pond design, installation and maintenance needs.

Already have a water garden?  Let us prepare your outdoor pond for a brand new season. We will help you spring into action with our completed line of pond liners, pond filters, pond skimmers and a seasonal or annual maintenance plan.

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Synchiropus_splendidus.pngWe are currently offering a very special promotion where we are giving away one free month of service with any new 12 month interior or exterior service contract.

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tang_powderblue_001.pngFrom the Beach to the Hils, we are celebrating 25 years of service! A finer aquatics service company serving the West Los Angeles, South Bay areas with dedication to quality, integrity, and commitment to excellence for 25 years.